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DASER: Digital Archives for Science
& Engineering Resources

2-4 December 2005
Friday through Sunday
College Park, MD

Science and technology libraries are undergoing intense change. Patrons are demanding more e-content with better tools. Print collections must still be maintained. Digital archiving and preservation is still in its infancy. The serials pricing crises is exacerbated by the need to purchase many materials in dual formats. And now we have institutional repositories and open access to manage. It is within this chaotic environment that the DASER (pronounced like "laser" but with a "d") Summits operate--a venue where the movers and shakers in our profession get together to assess and evaluate, collaborate and communicate.

Keynote Speaker: Jan Velterop, Springer; & Former Publisher, BioMed Central

Building on the success of the first DASER Summit, DASER-2 will examine new issues and challenges related to digital archives and Science-Technology-Medicine (STM) publishing. This conference will explore issues surrounding digital libraries, institutional repositories and open access publishing. such as:

  • Impact of OA on the future of STM libraries;
  • Institutional repository models: what works and what doesn't;
  • Publisher-library collaboration strategies, now and in the near future;
  • Institutional repository object issues--theses, datasets, learning objects, etc.;
  • User needs and patterns related to digital libraries.

If you attend, you will hear about projects from academia, non-profit organizations, the commercial sector, and government initiatives, both in the United States and abroad. In addition to our key note speaker, other confirmed speakers include:

  • Karla Hahn, Association of Research Libraries
  • Stevan Harnad, Universite of Quebec/Montreal
  • Timothy C. Hays, National Institutes of Health
  • Leslie Johnston, University of Virginia
  • Robert Kelly, American Physical Society
  • Michael Leach, Harvard University
  • Marie Martens Open Repository & BioMed Central
  • Steve Moss Institute of Physics
  • David Osterbur, Harvard University
  • Jeff Riedel ProQuest Company
  • Vivian Siegel, Independent Scholar
  • Mary Steiner University of Pennsylvania
  • David Stern, Yale University
  • Peiling Wang, University of Tennessee

This Summit will be of special interest to the following groups:

  • science & engineering librarians
  • STM publishers
  • systems librarians
  • database & digital library professionals
  • managers of STM collections

This Summit is sponsored by the American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIST), Scientific and Technical Information Systems Special Interest Group (SIG STI), and the Potomac Valley Chapter (PVC), in cooperation with the Special Libraries Association, Sci-Tech Division.

Have questions? What to talk to a person about this conference? Then contact Michael Leach at or 1-617-495-2878. He will be happy to address your concerns.

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